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I am a sports nut.  Sports, sports, sports, sports, nut, nut, nut, nut.  Oh the wonderful games of soccer, volleyball, tennis, skiing, basketball, baseball, kickball, football, swimming, fencing, golf, running, hockey, backpacking, etc, etc, etc.  
I've been playing soccer since I was about five, skiing since I was seven, volleyball since twelve, and recently got into fencing last year.  
I had to stop running cross-country because my knees, I had to stop skiing because of my knees, I had to stop cheer-leading because of my joints, and I had to stop backpacking because of my knees.
But, I've also found more joy in doing the things I love.  For example:
In my fencing class the first day I went I instantly had a crush on my instructor.  He was twenty four - I'm twenty so it worked...kind of - and oh my goodness, when that man held a foil he was like sex on a stick.  HOT!  Anyways...His co-instructor who shall be anonymous - but her name rhymes with whittney - had a huge crush on the instructor and absolutely despised me because I'm kind of sort of known to flirt...alot.... It's bad.... 
You have to understand that this girl, anonymous, I seriously thought was crazy.  She is insane!  Imagine this short little compact red head who's way into anime and practices her karate or whatever moves before practice.  She has the patience of a six year old with ADHD - no offense intended - and she has the temper of a provoked grizzly bear.  Even though I am taller than her by a good few inches, she literally scared the pants off of me.  
It turned out this possibly mentally unstable jealous girl was my instructor.  The hot man only instructed everyone in the beginning and then when we split off into groups based on our level, he went off with the advanced students.  So I was stuck with the crazy 5'0'' grizzly bear.
I remember the day i asked my instructor out on a date she didn't show up the next day to fencing class, I thought it was because she was plotting my death, or planting a bomb in my apartment.  She showed up two days later with purple hair and a bad tan, shooting dark glares at me every chance she could get.  
I'm a fast learner though.  I was getting pretty good, pretty quickly.  By the end of the semester it was my goal to be in the advanced class with hotness instead of the intermediate group with the crazy lady.  
At the end of every fencing day we played games.  One of our favorite games is where everyone is against everyone and if you get stabbed you're out.  it goes on until the last two people.  Well... I sort of had a posse' It wasn't just mine though! We were the Three Musketeers.  It was another girl my age named Allison, and then an extremely tall, extremely lovable newly engaged guy who turned out to be my best friend named Chris.  Any-who, we would sort of team up during these games, watch each others back, avenge each-other 'death's' that sort of thing.  So most of the time one of us ended up being in the bottom.  Well, it was close to the end, it was the three musketeers against the crazy red head and we were doing pretty well.  Chris had lunged and gotten the red head in her jacket which would normally mean she's out, but I should also mention this red head had a very bad habit of cheating, and so she didn't go out.  Well we didn't know she still considered herself in the game so we started fencing against each other.  It was a pretty fair fight, until red head came up and stabbed Chris and demanded he was out.  Alison and I were astonished and tried to argue, but how can you argue against your instructor I mean really.  SO Alison and I advanced against the red head.  It was a easy fight, two against one, and I ended up stabbing her middle about three minutes in.  I stood up out of my pose triumphantly because I expected her to go out, well, she didn't.  She stabbed Alison and then faced me.  Needless to say, I was extremely aggravated by then, also, scared TO DEATH!  If she was going to cheat how was I going to win!?  Also, I had secret suspicions that she had untipped her blade and was going to run me through - these suspicions turned out to be false, but hey, I really never knew what to expect with her.  So here I am this normally very nice and courteous person facing this extremely volatile, little firecracker with no help and no where to run.  
We circled each other and anger made me go on the attack. I must have hit her like five times but each and everyone I knew wasn't visible enough for me to convince the crowd that had gathered that I got her.  And I also knew that if she stabbed me even once she would win, no matter how much she cheated.  
During this bout I remembered something that she had taught me, if your facing an opponent that's smaller than you, you don't want them to come to close, that's where they have the advantage, your advantage lies in long ranged attacks.  I stood up from my lung then and backed off a few steps, we were too far away for me to comfortably lung, but slowly, slowly, she began to advance on me.  The second she was within my lunging range I lunged for all I was worth and thrust my arm out in front of me as long as I could possibly make it go being rewarded by feeling the point of my blade bend, meaning it had hit something, and when I opened my eyes it was directly on the red heads chest.  
I stood up then and lowered my guard about to raise my hand in triumph when the red head stepped closer and stabbed me.  
I looked at her in astonishment.  Everyone had seen my hit on her, everyone knew I had won! But she just looked at me and said 'you're out.'  
I starred in shock for a moment, but then, my temper had finally blown it's lid and I was mad.  I don't get mad very often, so when I do, it counts.  
'I already got you before you stabbed me.'  I told her, trying to keep my voice under control but not succeeding very well.  I'm sure my eyes were spouting sparks of hell fire at her.  
She simply turned towards me with a ridiculous smirk on her face and raised her voice, 'Did anyone else here see it!?'  She asked the crowd.  
Now I didn't really expect anyone to respond, she WAS our instructor after-all  she could make our practices a living hell if she was so inclined.  So I was very surprised when a lone voice called out 'I did (her name here) you're out.'.
Quickly I threw off my mask and whipped my head to the side, my eyes instantly drawn to the instructor man.  Apparently he had gotten done with his advanced class early and had come to watch the show down.  The red head looked like she was about to have a fit.  I could see her mouth convulsing, wanting to spew forth more lies, but she couldn't argue with the captain.  So she just picked up her mask, walked off the court, and sat down on the floor and sulked, glaring at me the rest of the time.  
I was far too delirious to care! My other two musketeers ran out to me and congratulated me, the captain walked up and congratulated me as well and a new game began.
All that next week the red head didn't show up for practice, I have to admit I felt guilty at times, but it was her own dang fault! If she hadn't lied and bowed out gracefully none of that embarrassment would have happened to her.
Anyway, I was gone to the advanced class by the time she returned, and we avoided each other like the plague.  The captain and I began dating and I was known as a pretty fierce competitor.  I could never beat the captain though.  I'm still working on that.  

That story happened a little while ago.  Because of my Mixed Connective Tissue Disease I don't know how well I'll be able to do in fencing this semester,  but I know that I'm going to try anyways, and I'm not going to give up.  it's all about pain management.  And if I can live through a grizzly bear attack, I can live through some swollen tendons.  
Plus, I have a new goal for this semester: To beat the captain.

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