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Passion is a wonderful thing. Or rather passion wanted is a wonderful thing.
Clarification is needed for those whose passions given are undesired;
Those whose passions given are  not required.
Passion lies and passion creeps.
Passion sighs and passion seeks.
Seeking passion acts without ration, ignoring females common law.
Rational passion - though preferred in a fashion - threatens to bore us all.
Your passion - thrust upon me unsuspecting.
Is a passion I have no passion is possessing.
Yours is not a reverent passion, tis not a quiet passion; which sometimes is revered.
Yours is not a wanted passion, tis not a desired passion; which women most have feared.
Oh to tell a blinded soul ones passions aren't reciprocated.
Oh to tell a blinded soul ones passions ought not be felicitated.
Passion is a wonderful thing.
Your passion, however, is not

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